Le CLos Saint-Sauveur
Le Clos Saint-Sauveur

Le Clos

Maison d’Hôtes – Luxury Guest House

Le Clos Saint-Sauveur joins the Porte Saint-Sauveur (known locally as « le Porche ») which faces the Church that bears his name. The guest house has been lovingly restored with full respect for its history. Maximum attention to detail has been given, always with preference for authentic materials.
Without doubt the seductive charm of the home is immediately sensed from the interior design sourced from some of the most respected houses of French master craftsmanship. The sublime colour pallet harmonising with the wallpapers of Pierre Frey, textiles chosen from Braquenié, with passementerie from Houlès. Rugs from Codimat as re-editions from the house of Edmond Petit, textiles and wallpapers from Madeleine Castaing, bring a particular feeling of the spirit of the 19th century to Clos Saint- Sauveur.


In Belleme or the the nearby town of Mortagne-au-Perche to the north, you will find beautifully elegant private houses which never fail to capture the admiration of visitors. Constructed in the 17th and 18th centuries by highly respected families of the day, or by wealthy business people, they are adorned with magnificent balconies of forged iron, monumental entry ways of hand cut stone with imposing wooden doors. Sculpted friezes on external walls confirm the administrative and commercial importance of these towns before the Revolution in 1789 . Bellême is a town with a rich historical past which is actively conserving its charm by protecting its cultural inheritance as seen also in the paved lanes, at times almost hidden, which today are alive with Artisans, decorators and Antiques.

Le Clos Saint-Sauveur
We welcome you

We welcome you

At two and a half hours from Paris, Nantes or Rennes, at one and a half hours from Caen or from Tours, Philippe and Yves will welcome you to the Perche, into the heart of the medieval city of Bellême, into a home which invites you to take the time to enjoy life itself.

Bellême is one of the three ancient capitals of the Perche. Histoire de la ville de Belleme.

You will find in this home a rare elegance and discretion aligned with the highest standards of quality and comfort. Three generously sized bedrooms, luxuriously designed and well equipped, which doesn’t inhibit in the least a home of conviviality and simplicity where memorable encounters are valued. You will also appreciate, on sunny days breakfast or brunch served in the shade of the walled garden.

The Perche

The Perche is a place of breathtaking beauty. Bathed in soft light, its luscious green rolling hills, its prairie grasses and Manor Houses. bHarmonious architectural proportions and ochre walls give a warm glow to its inhabited landscapes. These qualities invite you into the heart of the old cities of Belleme, Mortagne-au-Perche and the charming hilltop village of La Perriere situated at the western point of the forest of Belleme, one of the most beautiful in France. The Perche is under the patronage of the famous Percheron. The most noble of working Horses.

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