Le CLos Saint-Sauveur

General Terms and Conditions (GTC)

General Terms and Conditions (GTC)

1. The present Terms and Conditions (referred to thereafter as GTC) frames the relation between clients of the Guest House « Le Clos Saint-Sauveur », 5 bis Place de la République in Bellême (61) and the SAS « Le Clos Saint-Sauveur », a simplified joint-stock company with a capital of 8 000 €, registered at the Alençon RCS under 853 837 086, operator of the guest house « Le Clos Saint-Sauveur », and owner of the website www.leclossaintsauveur.com.

2. The agreement of the present GTC involves that host clients (“guests” or “clients”) strictly abide by the rules that they govern. This acceptance is a necessary condition to book any stay at the guest house « Le Clos Saint-Sauveur ».
Booking a stay at the guesthouse « Le Clos Saint-Sauveur », by phone, by email, by the web site www.leclossaintsau- veur.com or by any other booking support system, constitutes acceptance of the herein Terms and Conditions.
If the guest has booked his stay by telephone, he may be asked during check-in to formalize his acceptance to these terms and conditions in writing or by signature.
More generally, the present terms and conditions frame one’s stay at the guest house “Le Clos Saint-Sauveur”.
Every host client acknowledges having read and fully accepted them.
Every host client recognizes the probative value of automatic registration systems via this website and waives the right to contest them in the event of a dispute, unless it is incumbent on it to do so and provides evidence to the contrary.

3. In order to meet the provision of the law supporting confidence in the digital economy, dated 21 June 2004, and to facilitate the identification of the publisher, it is hereby recalled that this website is edited by SAS “Le Clos Saint-Sauveur”, registered with the Alençon RCS under 853 837 086, whose registered office is located at 5 bis Place de la République 61130 Bellême.
In order to satisfy the requests and complaints of website users, the following e-mail address is provided at their disposal: contact@leclossaintsauveur.com .
Website users can also send their request by post, at the following address: SARL Le Clos Saint-Sauveur, 5 bis Place de la République 61130 Bellême.
This present website is hosted by the company OVH, whose head office is located at: 2 rue Kellermann, 59100 Roubaix. The OVH company can be reached by phone at 09 72 10 10 07.


Article 1 : Guest room

Booking of a bed and breakfast includes breakfast and the use of the linen and the facilities that are made available to guests by the owner.
Any person not mentioned on the reservation cannot be welcomed by the owner without paying an invoice upon entering the premises, the amount of which corresponds to the price of at least one night.

Article 2 : Length of stay

The length of stay is determined between the parties at the time of booking and the host client is not able to claim any right of tenure or extended stay on the premises, beyond the terms of the period that was initially agreed on.

Article 3 : Booking formalities and payment

Booking a stay in the guest house “Le Clos Saint-Sauveur” can be subject to the payment of a 100% deposit for one night.
The balance of the stay is to be paid by the guest at check out.A tourist tax is added to the price of stay, determined by decision of the town council’s municipality. The tourist tax allows the commune to finance expenses related to tourist frequentation and/or to the protection of natural spaces used in part for touristic purposes.


Article 4 : Check in

A reception desk for clients (“check in”) is only guaranteed between 5:00 pm and 10:00 pm.

Outside of these hours, the owner of the premises will devote himself to ancillary tasks essential to the well-being of his guest, as well as to the maintenance of the guest house. However, depending on the circumstances and whenever possible, the owner may make an exception to this rule, after guests have informed him of their specific circumstances.

Late arrival of a guest or client in no way justifies a refund request.

Article 5 : Check out

Check out time is before 12 o’clock (noon).
No derogation will be granted for a departure beyond 12 o’clock (noon), in order to ensure adequate guesthouse organization and to ensure the comfort of all guests.

Exceptionally, and if availability of rooms permits, a stay in the premises may be granted by the owner, on the spot, in exchange for the payment by the guest client of any additional night.

In addition, for the comfort of guests, a luggage service will be provided upon request.

Article 6 : Cancellation of stay

Cancellation by the guest / client:

Any modification of the stay is possible only with the agreement of the owner and may result in additional costs.

In case of a cancellation before the beginning of the stay, the following fees/ indemnity will be required from the client:

— If the cancellation occurs more than 15 days prior to the date of arrival, no fee is charged, and his deposit is fully refunded;

— If the cancellation occurs between 5 and 15 days before the date of arrival, an indemnity equivalent to 50% of the total amount of the stay will be charged to the guest;

— If the cancellation occurs less than 5 days before the date of arrival, the cost of the entire stay will be charged to the guest as compensation.
As an exception, and at the owner’s discretion and/or if the owner is able to re-let the room, a portion of the cost for the stay may be returned to the defaulting guest.
In case of a guest’s early departure during the stay, the totality of his payment remains to be paid to the owner. No cancellation insurance is included in the price of the stay.


• Cancellation by the owner

If exceptionally the owner is forced to cancel a guest’s stay, he will inform his/her guest by any means of communication at his disposal.
The host customer will be immediately and fully refunded.
In addition, the owner undertakes to make every effort to relocate his guest close to the original place of stay.


Article 7 : Room capacity

The rooms at the client’s disposal have a capacity of two persons.
Hosting an additional guest in the room entitled “Monsieur” is however possible with the use of an extra bed, as long as his/her presence has been indicated at the time of booking. If this is not the case, article 1 paragraph 2 of the present document will be applied.

Article 8 : Room change

As a matter of principle, no change of room is allowed by the owner during the stay.
However, and depending on the circumstances and reasons that may justify it, a change of room may exceptionally be authorized during the stay, by the owner and at his discretion.

Article 9 : Reception of children

The guest house “Le Clos Saint-Sauveur” is not suitable for children and teenagers, given the configuration of the premises and the valuables items in the house. In all cases, it is reminded that minors must be accompanied by an adult and placed under the supervision and full responsibility of the latter.
Exceptionally, upon agreement of the owners, an adult accompanied by a young child (3 years old maximum), may be accommodated free of charge through the installation of an extra baby bed.

Article 10 : Pets

In principle, pets are not allowed in the guest house, except with the prior permission of the owner.
Any client who contravenes this rule by coming with an animal goes against the present GTC. The owner of the premises will have the right to expel the guest who contravenes this article, without any reimbursement for the stay.

Article 11 : Life rules in the guest house

The booking in the guest house “Le Clos Saint-Sauveur “implies the prior acceptance of the present rules which frame the art of living in the guest house and the use of the premises.
In order to guarantee the enjoyment and tranquillity of the premise, and the comfort of guests, the respect of the present rules dictating life at the guest house is imposed on all.


− Smoking ban
The rooms and common areas made available to guests are non-smoking. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to smoke in the rooms, not only out of respect for the premises, but also for the comfort of the guests who would be staying in the room in question.
Smoking is however allowed in the garden of the guesthouse. Ashtrays are available.
Violation of this rule may result in the expulsion of the offending guest, without the guest being entitled to any refund.

− No picnicking is allowed
Guests are not allowed to consume perishable food products that do not come from the guest house, neither products prepared by the guests themselves nor from outside the guest house.
Furthermore, it is forbidden to picnic on the property or to eat in the rooms.

− Respect for the premises and the rooms
The owner of the premises does his best to welcome guests in optimal conditions, in particular by making available: clean rooms in good condition where it is suitable and enjoyable to live.
The guest is obliged to return the room provided to him in perfect condition. He also undertakes to systematically declare any damage for which he may be responsible.
Pursuant to articles 1382 et seq. of the Civil Code, repairs resulting from damage caused by the host guest or by a minor in his custody, to the integrity of the room made available to him, will remain the responsibility of the host guest.

− Behaviour of guest hosts and minors under their responsibility
Guests are fully responsible for minors on the property and in their custody:
Guest undertake, for themselves and for the minors in their care, to respect the peace and quiet of the premises and of other guests, by behaving in an irreproachable manner.
Any fact imputable to a guest or a minor in his custody, and which would contravene the rules of life of the guest- house, may result in his expulsion from the premises, without being able to claim any refund.

Article 12 : Table d’hôtes

The guest house “Le Clos Saint-Sauveur“ will be able to offer a table d’hôtes, which you can enjoy only at dinner time on Friday and Saturday evenings.
We also offer a brunch formula on Saturday and Sunday from 11 am to 3 pm.

Article 13 : Responsibility of the guest house « Le Clos Saint-Sauveur »

The guest house “Le Clos Saint-Sauveur” is not responsible for any loss, theft, or damage of any items belonging to guests, as long as a causal link between the damage and a fault of the owner is demonstrated.
In addition, the occurrence of a fact that includes elements of a force majeure exonerates the guest house “Le Clos Saint-Sauveur” from any liability, and excludes any compensation to guests, even if the events that occurred result in the interruption of the stay or non-performance of its obligations by the guest house.

Article 14 : Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

These GTC are governed by French law.
Therefore, any dispute that may arise between the guest house “Le Clos Saint-Sauveur” and one of its guests, as part of his stay, and relating to the interpretation or execution of these Terms of Use, will be under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tribunal de Grande Instance d’Alençon.

Article 15 : Digital law and freedom

Pursuant with the law n°78-17 of January 6, 1978 relating to data processing, data files and liberties, you have the right to access and rectify data concerning you.
The guest house “Le Clos Saint-Sauveur” undertakes not to disclose to other companies or organizations the data you have provided.

Article 16 : Modification of these GTCs

These GTC are subject to change at any time and without notice.
They are deemed to be accepted by the host customer from the moment he confirms his reservation.